here is the reference that should be used: Kapoor, J. R., Dlabay, L. R., Hughes, R. J., & Hart, M. M., (2015), Personal finance (11th ed.), Retrieved from New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education

This is the textbook also where to answer question


Kapoor, J. R., Dlabay, L. R., Hughes, R. J., & Hart,

M. M. (2015). Personal finance (11th ed.). New

York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education .

Choose 1 of these to address: word count 150, APA, Reference and good English and grammar, 1 with correct word count and no cover sheet, just answer question of your choice. Please use reference that I have provided. It tells you what chapter you can find the information.

select ONE of the following prompts to address:

(1) Describe the relationship between internal and external financing in meeting the long-term financial needs of a firm. [Chapter 10 Content]

(2) What are the major sources of long-term funds available to business corporations? Indicate their relative importance. [Chapter 10 Content]

(3) Discuss how investment bankers assume risk in the process of marketing securities of corporations. How do investment bankers try to minimize these risks? [Chapter 11 Content]

(4) What factors differentiate a good market from a poor market? [Chapter 11 Content]