design your work around any olympiad place or theme related to olympism or the olympics in any way

For the Research Project, you can design your work around any Olympiad, place, or theme related to Olympism or the Olympics in any way. The project can take any of these formats: Research Proposal, Timeline, or Creative Project. The Research Proposal is the most structured and probably easiest to put together, but different projects work better with different formats. See the Final Project Checklist for more details on what these requirements might look like for each project format (though these are somewhat flexible). The Final Project folder on Blackboard includes sample projects, a Research Proposal outline, and the Final Project Rubric. As the semester progresses, I will create videos on how to write a Research Question, Primary Sources, and How to Write a Historiography. The information in this document takes precedence over information in the Checklist should you come across any contradictions. All Final Research Projects will have some version of the following:

  • Research Question—You will articulate a research question. For the Proposal, you will describe your plan to answer the question; for the other projects, you will actually answer the question.
  • Primary Source Analysis—You will synthesize at least 5 primary sources to compose a historical narrative or analyze primary sources to discern how they will inform a larger research project (for the Research Proposal).
  • Historiography—You will synthesize at least 3 scholarly sources to describe the main points and debates surrounding your topic and how your project relates to these debates. What does your project contribute to the conversation? What existing interpretations does it support or follow? What disagreements does it show? For the Proposal and Timeline, the Historiography should be a separate section. For the Creative Projects, you may integrate this analysis in your narrative.
  • Bibliography—The Bibliography should list all the sources you referenced in your work on the Final Project. List Primary & Secondary sources separately under headings. You will have a minimum of 8 sources in the Bibliography (at least 5 primary and at least 3 secondary).

Additional Logistics/Requirements—The Project, no matter the format, should be at least 1500 words but will likely be closer to 1800–2000.