details below.

In this unit, you saw the United States advance into the modern era, leaving the Cold War behind. For this project, you will choose one of the following topics to write at least 500 word essay on:

1. What campaign promises did Reagan make during his bid for the presidency? Did he accomplish them during his tenure as president? Include strong supportive details on how he accomplished them.

2. How did the success of the civil rights movement and abolishment of slavery open doors to the election of the first Black American President of the United States, Barack Obama?

3. If the United States withdrew from the world and retracted into complete isolatism what would happen to the economic, political, and social aspects of the world? Think about what you learned of how the US keeps peace with conflicting nations and provides assistance to others, and do not forget other powerful nations that exist today and what role they may play if this occurred. Think about how the market crash of the 1929 and recent ones that occurred within the United States affected the rest of the world.

4. Using China as a case study, explore the entry of developing countries into the WTO and the effects of globalization. What is the WTO? Who gains and who loses from globalization? Focus on these two perspectives:

a. The entry of developing countries into the WTO is hurting those countries.

b. The entry of developing countries into the WTO is empowering those countries.