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Jordan is now 7 years of age and in grade school. Jordan’s teacher gives him stickers and candy when he is “good” at school. His parents give him money to clean his room and buy him toys at the store when he behaves (as you recall, he can be rough and aggressive). Jordan is praised regularly and receives positive comments from his parents, Dean and Leigh. (“You are the very best at basketball!” and “Good job! You are such a wonderful boy to finish your homework!”)

Discuss your thoughts and position on extrinsic reward for children. Evaluate the pros and cons of rewarding children extrinsically rather than letting children self-motivate and receive rewards intrinsically.

Does extrinsic motivation stifle creativity? Why or why not?

How were you motivated by family members, teachers, peers, and role models as a school-aged child?
If you have school-aged children in your family, how do you motivate them?

Compare practices and general beliefs on intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in another country. How do we, in the United States, compare?