Discipline of Religious Studies and Philosophy.

These terms are important to both the discipline of Religious Studies and Philosophy.

For this discussion, consider the following central terms. Briefly state whether or not you knew any of these terms prior to the class, then look up several definitions for each term and, in your own words, offer a brief definition for each. You can quote brief (3 words top) phrases from online definitions but the idea is to figure a way to understand it/say it in your own words. Finally, after defining each term, comment briefly on some of your preconceived ideas about these concepts and what thoughts they provoke.

These terms will come up over and over in our discussions, so take the time to know them well.

1) selfhood

2) soteriology

3) apotheosis

4) eschatology

5) cosmic dualism

Then, pose a question for further discussion or a comment about what you’d like to learn from this class or your first impressions of the material.