Discussion 6 Politial Sciencee

We are continuing the case study of Proposing Paid Personal Time for All New Yorkers. This discussion post will be focusing on step 3 of the Policy Development: putting together a proposal and writing the legislation.

Upon completing readings for Paid Personal Time Part II, write a six-bullet point bill summary in your own words covering the areas below:

  • What is the coverage threshold (employee size)
  • What is the accrual rate
  • How will employees use the earned paid time off
  • What will be the notice time period
  • What are the exemption/ Who are exempted under this bill
  • What are the rules around retaliation and penalty

Upon posting your work, review the assigned peer’s work and comment on their accuracy.

*Please note that Paid Personal Time (Paid Vacation Time) is different from Paid Sick Time or Paid Family Leave.

**Your writing in this discussion post can be used and built upon for Memo 2