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Could you please reply to this discussion board? It could be 200 words. You did my original one last week I will send you the attachment of what you did as reference.

The attachment of what you did for me is also included .

Haley Eubanks

Student portfolios are a collection of work from a student that is
gathered to show how they have been doing within a period of time. It is
beneficial to both the student and the teacher because the student can
reflect on previous work and compare to their current work to show what
they have and have not learned in a specific area of knowledge. It also
is beneficial to the teacher because he/she can see what they need to
help a student with due to the results of the students portfolio. In the
article, they described a student portfolio to an artists portfolio to
help put it in perspective. When you think of an artists portfolio, you
think of the work that is collected that they put in chronological order
to show strengths and weaknesses. Portfolios encourage teachers and
schools to focus on important student outcomes, provide parents and the
community with credible evidence of student achievement, and inform
policy and practice at every level of the educational system. These
portfolios could compare to what teachers do now which is having
students take a “pre test” and a “post test.” those tests just show a
score on a test from where the student stood before class started, and a
score on where you ended in class to see how much a student increased.
With the portfolios, it shows exactly what was done and how the
student’s education level increased within a class.

The website I found useful is https://threering.com/

Three ring is useful because students can create and upload content
from their own devices and tag, search and share their portfolios. it is
teacher-created class accounts. In other words, teachers initiate the
use of Three Ring in the classroom by creating classrooms within the
teacher account and adding students to each class. Students can then
access their teacher-monitored account with a username and password
provided. Whether from an iOS or Android device or from a desktop or
laptop computer, content can be added by the teacher or student and
commented on by both. Three Ring even allows parents to view their
students’ accounts once linked by the teacher.