Discussion Board on leisure/recreation

For this week’s discussion I want people to go back and think about trends, fads, and the product life cycle. Last week, we looked a slide in the power point for the Kelly Chapter 2 that had a variety of interesting product life cycles. For this discussion board, I want you to do the following:

  1. Pick one of the seven life cycles from the power point slide
  2. Now provide a product, experience, service, etc. from the world of STHM( Sport , tourism, hospitality ) that you feel illustrates that lifecycle
  3. To receive full credit on your discussion board, you must do the following
    1. Do not assume I or your classmates knows the product, experience, etc. that you are presenting, so you must first describe in depth so well all understand
    2. Explain why you believe your chosen product, experience, etc fulfills the chosen life cycle
    3. Finally explain why this product, experience, etc has either been able to continue to exist, or maybe where it failed

    ( Please see the attache file for more info about the topic)

  4. Remember, you need to reply to two of your classmates’ posts for full credit. Original posts should be in depth and at least three sentences. Responses to your classmates along the lines of just writing “I agree with you” will have points deducted from their response scores. ( Will post the other classmates response once you get the original post done)