Discussion Board Replies

This assignment will consist of 2 separate documents, each document will be a 200 word reply written in first person directly addressing the student. For example, ” I agree with your argument…”, “You make a good point…” “In my post I also discussed…” ” I disagree..” etc.

*Must be written at graduate level comprehension

*Must include the course the textbook.

*Must be written in APA formatting

Reply to 2 classmates’ threads. Each reply must be at least 200 words and include at least 2 peer-reviewed references.

Topic: Choose a publicly traded company that you are familiar with.

Go to the selected company’s website and look at their annual report (10k). If you prefer, you may also go to the Securities Exchange Commission’s EDGAR database and download the annual report. In researching the company, determine the company’s critical success factors. In a thread of at least 400 words, explain what you believe the critical success factors are, and what the company needs to do to either gain a competitive advantage, or maintain their competitive advantage. Your thread must include 2 peer-reviewed references.

In module/week 2, you will substantially reply to 2 other students’ threads. Each reply must include 2 peer-reviewed references and be at least 200 words.