Discussion: Kindling Your Professional Passion, writing homework help

Discussion: Kindling Your Professional Passion

Over the course of the past 7 weeks, you have studied some of the major current issues and trends in the early childhood field in these categories:

  • Changing demographics and diversity
  • Poverty
  • Influences of economics, neuroscience, and politics
  • Equity and excellence in care and education of children, families, and EC professionals

You also learned that each major category of issues and trends presented in this course manifests itself in numerous related issues. For this final Discussion Assignment, consider all of the related issues you learned about and listen closely to your inner professional and personal voice. Which specific issue(s) most stirred your passion? If you had to devote a large portion of your professional life to one or two—which would you choose? If you were offered the opportunity to contribute in some way to a positive resolution of these issues—which one would you choose and how might you contribute?

The topic I chose The effects of changing demographics and diversity on children, families, and the Early Childhood field

By Wednesday:


  • A description of the specific issue you chose
  • The ways in which this issue relates to and kindles your professional passion
  • The specific way(s) in which you might contribute to a positive resolution of this issue and/or how you hope to learn more about it to contribute to a positive resolution