Discussion Making the right choices

Making the Right Choices

Prior to beginning this discussion, review this week’s readings and the Weekly Lecture.

The content of this course is detailed, necessary, and sometimes a bit confusing. As we wrap up the six weeks, with the final assignment being a collaboration of job analysis, job design, and performance evaluation, we must accept the fact that not everything fits into a nice, neat package. Due to time management or perhaps lack of resources, there are times that you may have to make a decision about the path you will take to accomplish a task. Our last discussion looks at the options and helps with the decision-making process for reshaping the task. The purpose of this discussion is a reminder that the role of the HRM must be fluid and adaptable to the task at hand.

Review each process (job analysis, job design, and performance evaluation), and determine what is a must-do and what can be eliminated when necessary for each process. Each review should be at least one paragraph with one resource supporting the must-do options. Defend all of your choices.

Address the following for each process.

  • Why must you do one task, and why would it be all right to not do another?
  • Will there be problems if you do not do something?
  • Is it possible to not do something now and perhaps readdress it later on without repercussions?