In the News-Sociological Impact on Crime Juvenile deliquency

Research and select an event in the last two years related to a juvenile delinquency. Provide a link to the article. Identify the sociological causative factors of the juvenile delinquency. Describe the principles of the theories of social learning in relation to social control and neutralization as it is reflected in your article.2-3 paragraphs

respond to other students post:(50 words each)

1)BRIANA- I believe James Holmes deserves life sentences, from the moment he planned out the attack, to buying the weapon and, entering in the movie theater with it. If a person is suffering from a mental illness, how could they have consciously planned out an attack to harm people. As I have stated in previous discussions, from kids we are taught right from wrong, and know that killing someone is wrong. My question would be, how would a person who suffers from mental illness buy guns, bullets and, grenades? To bring up another point, there are different mental illnesses, which they all do not include insanity. If there had been problems from childhood with mental illness, why were there never any interventions? James carefully planned out his execution and was fully aware that he was killing people. He has taken people away from their loved ones and damaged a lot of families. He deserves the life sentences he receives, maybe even the death penalty.

2)Claudio- James Holmes knew what he was doing, an act of this magnitude took a lot of planning and was premeditated. The evidence shows that although James Holmes was mentally ill, and under treatment he knew the difference between what is right and wrong as he told his doctor. It can not be argued that it was a mental breakdown type of event. Mr Holmes has previously talked about his desire to kill people yet knew it was not the right thing to do. The days leading to the event he had to plan everything out, checking out his target, buying ammunition, and even planning on a way to get in to the theater with his weapons. The acts committed by James Holmes have destroyed and brought grief to number of families and took peoples lives away with no regard. James hold should be held liable for his actions, and be convicted to the maximum allowed penalty for each and every life he took that day.