Discussions post on two topics

Hi there,

i am required to post two Discussions. in Reading and study Strategy class.

first Discussion has two options:

Option One: In her TED Talk, Angela Lee Duckworth describes the importance of grit. Make connections between academic grit and learning styles. The connections will not necessarily be obvious, so make sure your classmates understand the connection and the importance of the connections.

Option Two: Since the concept of grit has been popularized, many critics have deemed it an oversimplification and particularly insensitive to the unique circumstances of those who suffer from poverty or other types of stress. React to this criticism. If you chose to do some research first, including Duckworth’s response, include your sources.

the second Discussion has only one

The second discussion question is based on the second CPEL Video. Make the distinction between shallow and deep processing. Then, provide a specific example of how you might use deep processing to study for one of your classes.