doing a quiz

Prepare question

  • What do existentialists like Jean Paul Sartre mean when they say Freedom has priority over Reason and what does this mean for their understanding of morality?
  • What are analytic statements? What are synthetic statements? Why aren’t moral claims either? What category do they fit into?
  • What do logical positivists like A. J. Ayer think about statements like; “It is wrong to kill people.”?
  • What is the “Naturalistic Fallacy”? Give an example of this fallacy.
  • What does Palmer think about the claim that there are no universally held moral values?
  • Even if all cultures differed in their values why is it an invalid step to conclude from that, that there are no objectively best values that should be adopted by all cultures?
  • Explain at least two arguments against cultural relativism.
  • Based on the reading, make an argument that some cultures have better moral values than others and are are morally justified in making moral judgments about cultural practices of other societies and in some cases even forcing them to abide by better moral principles.
  • How does the allegedly typical “female” style of moral thinking differ from utilitarianism or Kantianism?
  • Why do deep ecologists think traditional ethical systems need to be revised?
  • Who would be more likely to defend experimenting on animals in order to find medicines that benefit people: Arne Naess or Immanuel Kant? Explain why.