Read the following article

Huang, H., Kauffman, R. J., Xu, H., & Zhao, L. (2011). Mechanism design for e-procurement auctions: On the efficacy of post-auction negotiation and quality effort incentives. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 10(6), 650-672. Retrieved from http://blog.ub.ac.id/iralailatulmaghfiroh/files/2012/04/Mechanism-design-for-e-procurement-auctions-On-the-efficacy-of-post-auction.pdf.

In a three- to four-page paper (in addition to the cover and reference pages that you must include), write a summary of this study and its findings. Analyze and discuss the importance of negotiations for the purpose of procuring goods and services.

Use at least two outside professional/scholarly articles. Be sure to cite your sources in a reference page