In your response, ask questions regarding your peer’s actual play personality and the implications it will have on your peer’s play environment. Add one additional suggestion based on your play personality that your peer could incorporate into his or her work with children. Additionally, discuss how your results have or have not changed your view of your play personality. 5 sentences.

I predicted that my play personality would be an artist/creator. My favorite center in the classroom is the art center. Children and I get artistic and creative in the art center, it full of fun and learning. I like coloring with crayons, colored pencils, and markers. I also like painting, decorating, and using glue to make things. Arts and crafts is what I predicted in my play personality. But, my quiz concluded my play personality as the explorer. I decided that my play personality as an explorer aligns well with a creator. Discovering new ideas is how a creator begins their creativity. Sharing the way we draw gives children ways to explore their ideas. Being an explorer is exceptable to me because I do enjoy doing art activities with others. Exploring and creator fits right into my personal framework of play. My classroom will have an art, block, science, music, and many more centers for children to be creative and explore. My play personally puts me in the centers looking like a kid myself, playing and learning.