ECO 204 week 1 Discussion 1


Ashford 2: – Week 1 – Discussion 1


Your initial discussion thread is due on Day 3 (Thursday) and you have until Day 7 (Monday) to respond to your classmates. Your grade will reflect both the quality of your initial post and the depth of your responses. Reference the Discussion Forum Grading Rubric for guidance on how your discussion will be evaluated.



Circular   Flow Diagram

 Explain how the circular flow diagram relates to the current economic situation. Using the circular flow diagram, explain a way that your family interacts in the factor market and a way that it interacts in the products market.  

Guided Response: Review the discussion board posts of your classmates. Respond to at least two of your classmates and comment on their descriptions of the circular flow diagram and factors of production. Discuss how circular flow relates to current economic situations.