Edu100 describe your personal philosophy of education, writing homework help

As teachers and other professionals in education, we all develop a philosophy of education that describes what we believe the learning process is and how instruction can promote the learning process.  Our philosophies of education are influenced by our own educational experiences, the learning theories that we have studied in our education programs, and our experiences as teachers in the classroom or in other positions.

Write a 300-word post that describes your personal philosophy of education.  Support your personal philosophy of education with evidence from your own educational experiences and at least two learning theories described in Chapter 7.  How do you think people learn and what components in the curriculum support students’ learning?  What were effective strategies that you experienced in your educational career?  You can refer to Figure 7.1 on p. 195 of your text for an example of a philosophy of education.  (You will have a chance to revise your philosophy of education and use it in the rough draft in Week 3 and in the final project).

Please make sure you use the attached pdf.