effect of supplementation by oat powder on functionality of low moisture mozzarella cheese 1

Research about: Effect of supplementation by oat powder on functionality of low-moisture mozzarella cheese

Aim of this research: Investigate effect of supplementation by oat powder on functionality of low-moisture mozzarella cheese



last thing to write, quick aim, very short description or talking about the method (only the basic), direct quick result without discussion. Maximum 250 words.


Background about the topic (about the milk, cheese, benefits of oat, about using oat in the cheese,)

End of the introduction write the aim

The introduction has to justify saying why really it is important to make such research.

Give the reader why this research is important and how is novel, how is really new.

Materials and methods:

i will drag document you will use the method on it but please,

Paraphrase the method

Each method has to has the reference

End of the method is a separate heading (called statistical analysis)

1.How many repetitions I have done?

2.What sort of analysis I have done?

3.All these anova and things

Results and discussions:

i will drag a document has the results, here is hint to understand what each one means:


Control = mozzarella without any adding

T1 = mozzarella + 1% of oat

T2 = mozzarella + 2% of oat

T3 = mozzarella + 3% of oat

0d = test at the same day

27d= test after 27 days

WSN = water soluble nitrogen

L* = this for browning (color)

Log 10 = Lactic acid bacteria count

OPA = proteolysis advance phetheiladlehide

Melt% = meltability

Texture = Hardness,Cohesiveness,Adhesiveness,Gumminess

P < 0.05


Ensure that the tables titles in the top (above the tables), figure is (below the figure).

And each result start writing then you put the table/figure.

In this section will write 3 main things for each result

1.Write about the result, if there is trend increase or decrease, if there are differences between the treatments and if there are differences between the time.

2.Explain why? What is happened? Especially when you have differences between treatments you have to say why? Scientifically from the references/articles/books.

Then after you write why? You actually refer to article, cite article (my opinion, my results, my explanation) based on this people

3.Compare if there someone did closer or he did same work on different cheese maybe, you do comparison between my work and previous/his work.

For example (our OPA results are agree with proteolysis result reported by (cite)

Sometime my results if different from his work, no problem just mention it nothing to hide. Then try to explain why could be the reason?? Why?? Maybe my method is different? Maybe my cheese making is different? There is a reason. At least compare my result with another article result. (At least 1 article to 2 article).


Summary and something that you conclude from the result


Every single reference cited in the text has to be in this section, you have put all incomplete (Harvard style)

I will drag also papers that i take the method from it, and it will help you a lot i want this paper research been like this papers..