Employee Relations Discussion on employer relations Answer preview………. Introduction For this…

Employee Relations

Discussion on employer relations

Answer preview………. Introduction

For this assignment, Enhance UAE was chosen for discussion. Enhance UAE was established in the 1960s in the Gulf Region. The distribution company was incorporated in 1972 whereby it largely dominated the regional rice market by supplying products across different product stores (Enhance, 2018). Besides, the company focused on the distribution of other consumer products such as garments throughout the Gulf region. The company shifted its activities to the distribution of branded consumer products such as foodstuffs in the 1980s. The company’s success is attributed to its strategic alliance with W. J Towell Group, a company that deals with global trade and transportation of goods. Being part of W. J Towell Group, Enhance UAE has scaled up its operations across the region whereby it has integrated over 900 staff members (Enhance, 2018). The company has a strong commitment to Omanisation as 60% of its employees are Oman Nationals. Considerably, Enhance UAE has a team of over 500 staff members across the GCC region (Enhance, 2018). This highlights that the company has a commitment to Fairtrade which emphasizes the importance of employee development.

The employer-employee relationship is critical to an organization’s success. Primarily, employee relationship refers to an organizational practice that provides fair and consistent treatment to all staff members to enhance the commitment to their tasks and loyalty to the firm (Thornthwaite, 2016). As such, employee relations is critical to an organization’s success as it fosters productivity among the staff members. Some of the notable aspects of employee relations include the integration of benefits packages, negotiating new contracts and complying with employment laws (Thornthwaite, 2016). Significantly, managing conflict within the workplace is critical as this impacts employee relations. With this, effective conflict management is essential in the establishment of a healthy working environment (O’Sullivan, 2017). Through the incorporation of conflict resolution approaches, an organization can foster mutual cohesion between the staff members (O’Sullivan, 2017). The paper discusses employee relations to Enhance UAE, and the conflict management approaches incorporated to create a healthy working environment.


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