ENC h.w 1

Read through all five scenarios in the Project 1: Document Series instructions. For each scenario, please write a PAD (Purpose, Audience, Design) Analysis by addressing the the following questions:

  1. What genres of communication (email/letter/memo) would you send to what audiences. For this exercise, try to use all three genres for each scenario.
  2. What is your rationale for choosing these genres of communication? Why would you write an email/letter/memo for the audience?
  3. What would your main purpose be in writing each document? Would you have any secondary concerns?
  4. What do you think your audience cares about most in each scenario? What evidence from the scenario do you have that suggests this?
  5. What are going to be the most important document or Design features for the different audiences? For example, a numbered list might be important for an employee who you want to complete a task, a simple subject line might be useful for someone outside of your company or professional area.