eng2206 annotated bibliography 1

Topic: The Nature of Racial Ambiguity in Toni Morrison’s “Recitatif”

  1. First, formulate a research question based on any of the literary periods we have covered or any author and his/her work to research. An example could be “How are women portrayed in twentieth century literature?” How does Nawal el Saadawi deal with Gender dynamics within her society in “In Camera”?)
  2. Next, use the research techniques acquired from English 1102 and find 5 relevant, reputable sources of information that help you answer your research question. Your sources could be books, Reference material (subject-specific encyclopedia, not dictionaries – only one), credible website (only one) or peer-reviewed scholarly articles from databases https://my.troy.edu/libraries/databases.html.
  3. In a brief paragraph (100-150 words) summarize and evaluate each source. Also, include a statement about how the source relates to your research question.
  4. Include an MLA citation for each source. Follow MLA formatting guidelines for your header, margins, and font as well.