English “Idiot Nation” by Michael Moore, 1 answer below »

After completing MODULE 1 and reading "Idiot Nation" by Michael Moore, introduce yourselves briefly and respond to ONE of the following discussion questions in 100 words or more.

(Prompts have been adapted fromRereading America.)

A. What evidence does Moore offer to support his contention that America is a nation of idiots? To what extent would you agree with this blunt assessment of American intelligence? Why?

B. How accurate is the grim picture of American schools that Moore offers in this selection? Would you agree with his assessment of the typical class room, the quality of the average school library, and the general ability of American teachers and of the staff who support them? Why or why not? Please feel free to supplement your argument with your own experiences.

C. What does Moore suggest that individual students do to “fight back” against the deadening effects of the educational system? What did you do when you were in elementary and secondary school to make your own experience more meaningful? Now that you’re in college, what can you do to be a “student subversive instead of a student subservient”?