environmental engineering 400 level

hi, I would like someone to write 5 pages about ( Global climate change). There is 3 different groups in our class, first ( believers of Global climate change ) , second ( non-believers of Global climate change), third one is ( student who do not know).I chose ( student who don’t know) ,that means I want you to write a research paper that shows that ( I have done a lot of research and then I figure out which way to go believers or non-believers. for instance, explain first why I did not know, then shows which side you pick and then support that with evidence. papers should be supported with((( evidence))) and reference can be weather APA OR MLA OR CHICAGO STYLE. paper length is 5 pages ( text) ,,,((pictures should be in extra pages)) , having pictures and charts and image support the idea etc is ((required)). Margin L-1″, R-0.5”, top-1, bottom’0.5.” font-12pt (times new roman). please write a powerful paper and let the evidence be clear because I will present it. let me if you have questions before you bid to the work.