Biographical Study – Paper Instructions

Your final paper must reflect the same basic research and organization that was used in your PowerPoint presentation. Your paper must include 1 overall introduction to the entire study, as well as 1 overall conclusion. The introduction must include a description of your research methodology as well as an overview of the study. The conclusion must restate your findings and summarize what has been learned about your character through the study.

Your submission must be 10–20 pages. Your paper must conform to current Turabian format, including source citation (footnotes must be used and a Bibliography of cited sources must be included). Your study will be graded on creativity, clarity, critical thinking, form, quality of content, and direct engagement with the primary sources (especially the biblical texts). See the Biographical Study – Paper Grading Rubric for details.

I have attached my PowerPoint, outline, sources/references and Turabian format example.

My Character that I will be examining for this Research Paper is Peter in the Bible