Excel Activity #2 — Chapter 4 5

Excel Activity #2 — Chapter 4 & 5
Instructions: Find Part I & II, below, utilizing Excel and the Excel skills you ascertained from
STAT 1102. Print your results in a well formatted professional manner. All formulas/equations
utilized within Excel need be pasted within a Word Document, printed, and submitted with
your Excel results (i.e. if you instructed a specific cell within Excel to make a specific
calculation, for example Cell C2 is set to “=AVERAGE(range…)”, then on a Word Doc list:
1.Cell C2 = “=AVERAGE(range…)”
The activity is due 7.19 at classes beginning.
Part 1—Binomial Probability in Excel:
The number of left-handed students follows a binomial distribution, and the probability that an
individual is left-handed is 0.14. In a class of 70 students, what is the probability that:
1. Exactly 10 of them are left-handed?
2. More than 15 of them are left handed?
3. At most 12 of them are left-handed?
Part 2—Normal Probability in Excel:
A study found that the average wait time in a McDonald’s drive-thru is 4 minutes and the standard
deviation is 1.2 minutes. It is also known that the distribution of these times is normal.
1. What is the probability that a person waits over 6 minutes?
2. What is the probability that a person waits between 2.5 and 3.5 minutes?
3. Someone claimed that only 10% of people waited longer than they did. If this is true, how many
minutes did they wait?
4. Suppose you sampled 40 people from the McDonald’s drive-thru. What is the probability
that you get an average wait time less than 4.2 minutes?