Exceptional teams

Have you ever seen Miracle, the movie about the 1980 U.S. Men’s Olympic Hockey Team? Have you seen the movie Invictus, about South Africa’s first national rugby team in the post-apartheid era? How about The King’s Speech, Captain Phillips, or the mini-series Band of Brothers? Have you seen Avengers, X-Men, or Rise of the Guardians? How about other movies about exceptional teams?

Think about a movie you have seen that tells the story of an exceptional team. It may be a movie listed above, or it may be another movie. Use this movie as the basis for your discussion board post. Include the following elements.

  Indicate the movie’s title, and provide a brief synopsis of the movie.

  What made this team so special?

  Analyze the team’s values, behavioral norms, and outcomes. Use the socio-cognitive systems learning model (Friesenborg, 2015, p. 9) to inform your discussion.

Minimum 200 words