Feasibility Study

You will be Completing a Feasibility Study for two different analysis bellow, the recourse mentioned must be used in addition of your own you will talk about he challenges facing such a thing implementation and why it might work or why it might. Feasibility study is an assessment of the practicality of a proposed plan or method and I think you know…. 12 new roman

1- Mental Health Services and Social Media Analysis

Partners: Kellie E. Carlyle (https://medschool.vcu.edu/expertise/detail.html?ID=2070), Jeanine Guidry (https://robertson.vcu.edu/people/public-relations-faculty/guidry-.html)

Carlyle, K. E., Guidry, J. P., Williams, K., Tabaac, A., & Perrin, P. B. (2018). Suicide conversations on Instagram™: contagion or caring?. Journal of Communication in Healthcare, 11(1), 12-18.

Roberto, A. J., Zimmerman, R. S., Carlyle, K. E., & Abner, E. L. (2007). A computer-based approach to preventing pregnancy, STD, and HIV in rural adolescents. Journal of health communication, 12(1), 53-76.

2- Arctic Sustainability

Partner: Bob Orttung- https://elliott.gwu.edu/robert-orttung