This assignment will be to:

1. Create 3 pages with navigation between pages named: Home, Page 1 and Page 2

2. Make the H1 headers Red (have 2 H1 headers)

3. Make the H2 header Green

4. Make the entire Home page yellow color(use embedded style) and Put your name in a H1 Heading on Page 1 and Title.

5. Make the entire Page 1 Blue color (use embedded style)

6. Create a paragraph on the home page Make the first word italicized and the last word of the paragraph bold and red. (Use inline style)

7. Put an ordered list on page 1

8. Put an unordered list on the home page

9. Put a detailed list (dd and dt) on page 2

10. Upload all pages to your assigned web url.

You will put your url in this assignment –