final exam replacement essay

Write at least four paragraphs about one thing you studied in this class that really grabbed your attention (whether because you agreed with it, thought it was wrong, or simply thought it was interesting). Why did it get your attention? If you agreed with it, why did you agree with it? If you disagreed with it, why did you disagree? If you thought it was interesting, why? If you could communicate the most important thing about this topic to others, what in your opinion would it be?

Please choose one of those topics below to write about it and make sure to mention each part of the question. It doesn’t matter how many words or pages as long as you have 4 paragraphs and answer each part of the question. I uploaded a file about each topic to help you get some ideas about them.

1. The Ring of Gyges.

2. Apology.

3. Aristotle.

4. Utilitarianism.

5. William James’ Theory of Self.