Final Marketing Plan and Presentation

Combine your Strategy and Positioning and Product, Pricing, and Channels papers along with your promotional strategy into a single Marketing Plan.

Strategy and Positioning Paper-2.docx

Product, Pricing, and Channels.wk4.docx

Write a 1,190 -word paper that integrates your previous Learning Team assignments into a final Marketing Plan. In addition to your previous papers, include the following:

Your promotional strategy for your product or service, including how you may use the following:

  • The effect professional selling may have on your offering

Prepare a 1- 2 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation WITH edited speaker’s notes illustrating your Marketing Plan. Assume you are using the presentation to present the marketing plan to your organization’s assembled management team in the conference room. Bankers and investors will be in the audience, as the plan will make use of borrowed and invested capital when implemented. 

Format your paper and presentation consistent with APA guidelines. The reference list will cover all three week’s input.