follow all steps 1

MS WORD Activity.

Problem: You are making a flyer for Auditions to the Miami City Theater Company.

Instructions: Use the guidelines listed below to modify the announcement or flyer.

Perform the following tasks:

1.Open the file W7-Data provided by your instructor and format it as the following.

2.Title Line to Font = Arial Rounded MT Bold; Size = 28; Color = Red, Accent 2, Center it

3.The rest of the text to Font = Arial; Size = 12; Color = Black

4.Change the Font size of the Contact Line to Size = 14, Color = Red, Accent 2, BOLD and Center it.

5.Under “Musicals to Be Cast”, Bullet the list with the 3 musicals

6.Insert an image below the title

7.Be sure image goes with the content of the flyer

8.Center the image and apply an effect.

9.Be sure the flyer fits on a single page.

10.Add page border.

11. Spell check the document

12. Change the Document Properties: Include your name, Course ID and Keywords (use more than 2).

13. Save the flyer as yourname_Q7 (Adriana Gonzalez)