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Similarities of Facility Management From Ancient to Modern Times

  • Controlling and moving large numbers of people
  • Managing rowdy or violent crowds
  • Maintaining flexibility in multiuse venues (gladiators and mock naval battles; basketball and ice shows)
  • Providing security and protection for VIPs
  • Controlling the types of petty crime inherent with large gatherings of people
  • Keeping facilities clean and operational


Differences in Facility Management From Ancient to Modern Times

  • Providing amenities for the press (interview rooms and press boxes with Internet access)
  • Setting up TV camera platforms and TV cable hookups
  • Selling advertising space and naming rights
  • Using heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems


Differences in Facility Management From Ancient to Modern Times (continued)

  • Modern parking concerns for thousands of cars and buses
  • The amount of food and beverages needed to feed over 100,000 fans at some venues
  • Complying with environmental, zoning, accessibility, and other legal issues

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Writing/Presentation Assignment

B. Shadowing Assignment (4 Groups):The shadowing assignment requires going to go to a facility (e.g., stadium, arena, recreation center, and gymnasium) and spending at least three hours shadowing someone working at the facility. You should examine all facets of what that person does on the job. You can sit in on meetings, walk the facility, and do what that person typically does on an average day. It could be a game day or an off day. You will need to take significant notes so you can write a paper at least 2-3 pages long (see writing assignments) highlighting what you saw and what you learned during the visit. This assignment will be a small group effort presented in a power point presentation. Grades will be based upon individual contributions. However the group paper will be the overall grade for that portion of your grade (see discussion rubric). 1 Group Paper on the Experience; add 1 Text Source & Outside Source)