For Professor TimeTest ONLY: Economics in Health Care Policy 5IP

Following the work done on HIPPA 1996 from the last 7 weeks . Ths will be compilation of all of those with any enhancements. SO basically you are making all of those on HIPAA intoo one paper as a final draft.

This will be the final draft of all the longer assignments from previous weeks. I will reprovide them if you do not have them already saved. Include a problem statement or research question pertinent to the policy. (Already stated in previous work) Complete a  historical overview of the policy. (done)Create a definition of policy terms. (done)Generate potential findings relevant to the current delivery of health care.Make recommendations on future policy guidelines. (done)Consider the current forces affecting health care policies.

The final draft of your  paper should include the following: (please follow this structure in APA format)Title PageFormatted properly according to APAAbstract (50–100 words)Introduction (300–400 words)Statement of the Problem (1,000–1,500 words)General problemSpecific problemPurpose of the Proposed Study (300–500 words)Research Questions (100–300 words)Literature Review or Historical Overview of the elected policy (1,000–1,500 words)Definition of Terms (300–400 words)Annotated Bibliography (100–200 words)Potential Findings from the Annotated Bibliography (100–200 words)Recommendations (100–200 words)Conclusion (200–400 words)ReferencesTables (if applicable)Figures (if applicable)

Please if you have any additional questiions ask them sooner than later.