Foundations of Bureaucratic Ethics

Review the article “Public Management as Ethics” in this week’s Learning Resources. Focus on the considerations of a values checklist as an aid in developing ethical public servants. Also, focus on the values checklist as it applies to the practice of public management.

Review the article “Ethics and Comparative Administration” in this week’s Learning Resources. Think about the ethical obligations of public administrators as public servants.

Consider the argument that democratic governance is the foundation of bureaucratic ethics.

Think about whether you agree with this argument.

Consider what you believe to be “true” about the foundation(s) of bureaucratic ethics.

The Assignment (2 pages): APA format

  • Read the “The United Nations of South America” document (located in this week’s Learning Resources). Respond to the questions at the end of this document. Be sure to use key points from the article “Public Management as Ethics” and the article Ethics and Comparative Administration” in your paper.