Frankenstein: Character Review To analyze a character, you must find out what makes him/her “tick”..

Frankenstein: Character ReviewTo analyze a character, you must find out what makes him/her “tick” by looking at social, behavioral, physical, and mental traits. You also must examine how the author presents those traits through actions, words, thoughts, looks, and reactions.

In a four-five page essay, select a major character from Frankenstein, and write a character analysis that addresses the following:

a) What are the major traits of your character?

b) How are these traits driving the plot of the story?

Your essay must be in MLA format and include a work cited page for direct quotations from the text and/or modules.

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Frankenstein: Character Review

Making something can, at times be rather tedious. However, at times, if one makes something out of curiosity and adventure, they may not feel the pain of undertaking the said venture and may also not be able to predict the result of the outcome of the activity. Frankenstein is all about the repercussions of adventure (Valentine). A scientist, obsessed with scientific research on humans, ends up creating a monstrous being that forms the basis……………..


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