From a Utilitarian point of view

15 Points Towards Final Grade

2 Pages Typed (500-700 words). Choose from (1) or (2)

(1) Refer to Case (2), Chapter 4, Page 168 and answer the following questions (answer both).

(1) Imagine you work at a recruitment firm and are looking to put together a list of executives for hire for another company. You are tasked with making sure the candidates are a good fit for the company and you have carefully studied all resumes. You’ve done a google search as well and have included your findings. You also have a Facebook account and you are wondering if you should use the personal data you see on Facebook (i.e. relationship status, children, family life, potentially dangerous hobbies, how many photos posted about the person partying etc) in your evaluation of the candidates.

(a) from a Utilitarian point of view, should this information be included? Use the four ways of measuring the effects of your action to make your determination. Make sure each of the four ways is covered.

(b) Do you think the utilitarian analysis is correct? Why or why not? Explain why you agree or disagree.

Which of these perspectives makes more sense to you, and why?

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Textbook Ethics in Information Technology, 5th Edition