Global News

This assighments is about covering economist news about 2 countries each country new should be half page long summarizing what is going on

The 2 countries are

Middle East

Far East

One economic news about the Middle East and one about the Far East each news is have page long and please LOOK BELOW TO SEE THE EXAMPLE I WANT IT TO LOOK EXCALY LIKE IT.

You can only get the news from one of these magazine

1 The Economist magazine

2 Wall street journal

3 Bloomberg

4 inc

“EXAMPLE on how its should look like“


October 8, 2014

Evan Fortman & Georges Nader

Protesters Clash with Police in Hong Kong

Protesters have taken over the streets of Hong Kong in recent weeks as the Chinese government has tried to impose new restrictions of who would be able to run for top positions in the Hong Kong government. These new restrictions run contrary to promises made by the Chinese government to let Hong Kong function as a semi-autonomous unit in the 1990s. Additionally these moves by Beijing to nominate the only candidates garnered anger by many who argue that the autonomy in the elections is a constitutional right.