Greatest threat

Of the four major location of terrorist hot spots in the world today—the global presence of Al Qaida, Iraq, North Korea, and Iran—which do you believe represents the greatest threat to the United States? To the world? Why did you choose the organization or region that you did?

Are there other areas or organizations that you would include on the list above? For example, Hizbollah has long destabilized the Israeli and Palestinian peace process. In addition, Indonesia and the Philippines represent growing bases for Islamic insurgents in East Asia. Yet, all of these organizations and regions seem to escape Washington’s attention. Do you agree with the relative lack of emphasis on these regions? Or, contrariwise, do you believe that Washington and the world have put proper emphasis on these potential growing threats in the war on terror.Your response should be at least 4 paragraphs. Respond to at least three of your colleagues in each of the discussion board areas.WRITE DOWN YOUR REFERENCES IN APA STYLE.