Harry and Louise.

FALL, 2017

In our discussion of the Clinton Health Care reform effort, and in subsequent classes, we stressed the steadfast opposition by many to changes in the healthcare system.

In fact, that is what is being shown today in 2017, first by the Majority in Congress attempting to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Law and second, by the Republican President stating that he would repeal the law.

An example of how this opposition is carried out is seen in an effort by the Health Insurance Association of American, (which after a merger is now called American Health Insurance Plans) put together a marketing plan called HARRY AND LOUISE to defeat the Clinton Health Reform movement.

Your assignment is to research the Harry and Louise advertising campaign and write a paper on your findings, which should also include any opinions about the effort and how it reflects the opposition efforts to stop healthcare reform attempts. On line there is a WikipediA link that has references and additional external likes, as well as, several other links referring to Harry and Louise.