Have I Record Everything I Was Supposed to?, law assignment help


Per the text, effective criminal investigators take notes of not only detailed information about the crime but generalized information that may or may not be relevant to the crime they are investigating. Refer to figure 2.15 “Recreation of a homicide shooting” in Chapter 2 of the textbook and determine the information (important and generalized) that you would take for your crime investigation report. Be sure to classify each piece of information as being either important or generalized. Provide a rationale for your chosen pieces of information and the classification to which you identified them.

Citizen online crime reporting has become popular in recent years but it has generated some speculation on its validity. Interpret your thoughts on the validity of self-reporting by citizens, and explain the main reasons why some people question the validity of citizen online crime reporting


First off, I applaud those whom been victimized and has the coverage to still speak up and report it. Majority of crimes that are committed will never be reported because the victim was too afraid, embarrassed, and humiliated to tell anyone what had happened to them.  I personally feel that self-reporting is vital to law enforcement serving and protecting the community and its citizens.  Law enforcement’s citizen:officer ratio is significantly high, having self-reporting citizens can greatly impact the crime rate in a positive way. I also feel that justice would be served (if law enforcement act accordingly). Although reporting crime online may be a critical positive tool, it may encourage some to file false police reports. However, I don’t feel that this crime would be significant enough to question the validity of the program. Do law enforcement not have to inquire these reports?