Health history Timeline

l look back at previous events and forward to Healthy People 2020 (which will shortly be re-issued with 2030 updates). Both of these tasks are important to the historical foundation and future directions. Part 1: Develop a timeline using 100 year increments from the Early Egyptians to the current year. Mark all of the important health-related events as they occurred along the timeline. Next, continue your timeline 100 years into to the future. Predict and mark important health-related events. Explain why you believe these predictions will come true. Part 2: Go online and find a copy of the Healthy People 2020 objectives. Read the introduction and overview. Find the objectives for the topic area in which you intend to focus your program plan for the course and review them. Next select on objective in the topic area you feel strongly about, and explain why you feel it will or will not be met. What role might a health education specialist have in meeting the objective you have selected?

Please include two references in your paper other than your text book. Please use APA format and double space your submission.