hello there i need help with this short journalism 101 media and society assignment i would really appreciate it

What counts as “violence” on television?

Take the following into consideration:

Is driving a sport-utility vehicle through a stream violent? Is shooting a man before he sets off a bomb that’s about to kill one hundred people violent, or is it a good deed? Is a parent screaming at a child violent? Is it violence if the child screams back? Is an accidental shooting by a police officer violent? Is an image of a gun violent? Is an act of nature violent? Is the context of violence important? Does remorse after a violent act, or “real” consequences to violence in a certain program, mitigate the conception of violence? Is it possible to count acts of violence? Can the context of violent acts on television be objectively understood, or is context more a matter of personal interpretation? If there can be many definitions of violence, what are the implications for TV ratings systems?