Help with Motivation assignment. Original sentences please.

What you have learned about “Motivation” should help you to explain people’s behavior in different circumstances.

You may find a list of human needs or motivations in your textbook (p. 258-269). Some of them are displayed in Maslow’s hierarchical model but try to use motivations from the entire section of motivation. This assignment requires you to apply different needs or motivations to human behavior in real-life situations.

Be certain to use at least 5 different motivations in your explanations.

Choose 10 specific behaviors which you did over the last 24 hours.

For each of the 10 behaviors, please do the following:

  • Briefly describe the behavior (what did you do?)
  • Identify the source or category of motivation: was this behavior motivated by biological needs, an external stimulus or was it a learned response?
  • Name and provide a very brief explanation of the specific theory of motivation which would explain this behavior. (why did you do this behavior?)

A numbered list (1.-10.) is acceptable for this assignment. Numbering your work will help you to ensure you have written about 10 difference and specific behaviors.