History 1500 Indoctrinated in various for reasons, history homework help

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I am ESL student. I am taking 6 classes and I work full time… ( In this semester I am going to graduate… my GPA is 3.96. I really need to get an A from this assignment to keep my GPA.) It is end of semester… So I really need help.
My teacher asked us to create my ideal society in 2 parts.
A’ Part: Presentation –> I am doing it. I started because it is based on the class work.
Here is a link: http://prezi.com/29huw0ar4nun/?utm_campaign=share&…
And can you help me with 2nd part ( B) ??
You need to write an essay about my society.
I have put information (tips) in word document, but you can write anything you want.
I had to create society and put it wherever I want. The civilization has to have living conditions like people at time: 1500 BC to 1000 AD. (technologies as well).

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