History of Disease Surveillance

This week, you hand in your completed Scholar-Practitioner Project. It will consist of sections submitted in previous weeks, revised to reflect your Instructor’s feedback, as well as several new components. The completed Project should include the following sections:

  1. Table of Contents (New – Week 10)
  2. Executive Summary (New – Week 10)
    1. Write a summary of the main points and conclusions of the Project report.
  3. History of Disease Surveillance (Week 1)
  4. Surveillance Subject and Data Sources (Week 2)
  5. Traditional vs. Syndromic Surveillance (Week 3)
  6. Algorithm (Week 4)
  7. Digital Dashboard (Week 5)
  8. System Comparison (Week 6)
  9. Tele-health (Week 8)
  10. System Evaluation Proposal (New – Week 10)
    1. Research and identify two or three additional peer-reviewed articles (beyond your Learning Resources) related to evaluating disease surveillance systems.
    2. Write a  paper in which you:
      1. Propose how you would evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the disease surveillance system you have developed throughout the course.
      2. Identify and define the criteria you will include in your evaluation.
      3. Justify the selection of evaluation criteria.
      4. Cite the two or three articles that informed your research for this section.
  11. System Analysis (New – Week 10)
    1. Write a  paper in which you analyze the cost, functionality, timeframe, and social, political, environmental, and economic elements of your surveillance system.
  12. Improving Disease Surveillance in Developing Countries (Week 9)
  13. Conclusion (New – Week 10)
    1. Write a summary of your Project including a review of the purpose and goals of the Project, salient research findings, system features, analysis, implications, and limitations.