Choose two of the writers in this lesson

  1. Choose two of the writers in this lesson.
    • Benjamin Franklin
    • Judith Sargent Murray
    • The writer of the Ladies’ Declaration of Independence
    • Abigail Adams
  2. Pose as one of the writers and write a letter to the other writer you selected. (For example, write a letter from Benjamin Franklin to Abigail Adams).
    • Your letter must address whether they agree or disagree.
    • Include evidence from their writing that reveals each person’s opinion on the role of women.
  3. Be creative and give the writer of your letter a fitting personality. Use the appropriate tone to create that personality. (For example, given what you know about Franklin’s tone, you can assume that he wouldn’t write a rude or angry letter to Adams.)
  4. Your letter should be a minimum of 10 sentences long.