Need to Have by 2 am tonight for Week 3 Assignment.

Course Project—Part 3

In this assignment, you will study the OSI layers and how data flow takes place between them.

Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research the following:

  • OSI layers
  • Network addressing schemes

Continuing with the scenario you worked with in W2 Assignment 2, in which you designed a network and selected the necessary hardware and software, this week you will complete the following task:

  • Consider the network design you created in W2 Assignment 2. A computer A in United Kingdom sends data to computer B in Dreamz Inc. network. Discuss how data will flow at each OSI layer. At each hop, what will be the source and destination Media Access Control (MAC) and IP address? Mention a rationale for each address.

Summative Document

Create a 3-page Word document that presents the following:

  • A summary of your Hands-on Labs 1–3 results
  • A summary of your work done till Week 3 on the course project
  • A discussion on how you will utilize the experience gained from Hands-on Labs 1–3 and the first three parts of the course project with supporting examples