homework due today

Thought Exercise 1

  • Take out a piece of paper or open a blank document on your computer and jot down our three key words: diversity, inclusion, and equity. Now define them. Write buzzwords, bulleted definitions — whatever comes to mind.
  • What do you notice? Are there clear differences between the terms? Overlap? Do you feel able to explain how they all relate?

Thought Exercise 2

  • Think for a moment about the diversity of your own team or organization. What is it like? Make some notes on that paper/document you’ve got going from the earlier exercise.
  • Follow-up question: How would your feelings and reactions change if you were of a different race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion than you are?
  • To be a diverse organization simply means that you have the presence of differences of identity (e.g., gender and people of color) throughout your organization. However, an organization can be diverse without being inclusive. A company can be diverse without being equitable.

Thought Exercise 3

1. How would you respond if someone asked you the following? “We know that tech can be a challenging place for people with marginalized identities. What is your company doing to change that? What efforts is your company making to ensure that women, gender-nonconforming individuals, and people of color (for example) feel included in the workplace?”

Directions: Read each question thoroughly. Then provide a response to each question in a minimum of 300 words.

Please ensure that you are familiar with your responses.

Each student will be presenting their work.

Due date: Tuesday November 29, 2017