The following discussion topic is designed to help you prepare for writing assignment #2, the instruction manual. Directions for that writing assignment can be accessed by clicking here.

To complete this discussion topic, please do the following:

Watch the following video, which is sort of an instruction manual on the Kindle Fire:

Then answer the following questions or complete the following tasks.

1. The author of this manual does not define any terms. What terms might need to be defined to a user who is not at all familiar with the Kindle and who may never have purchased a electronic book? Please note that I am not asking you to define any terms. However, I am asking you to identify what terms might need to be defined.

2. The author begins immediately with the instructions. He does not start off with an introduction to the device or an explanation of why one would want to know how to use the device.

Please write a one-paragraph introduction that might be suitable for the Kindle Fire.